Synthol injections can be used for two purposes:

  1. Increased muscle size
  2. Improve your shape

Let’s look at the biceps, for example, let’s say that we want to give them some volume: it is necessary to inject into each “head” (head) of muscles, rotating the injection so as not to deform it. The easiest way to build muscle with Synthol is to follow the following regimen: 1 ml for 10 days in each muscle; 2 ml for 10 days and 3 ml for 10 days. If you are simultaneously applying this treatment to your biceps and triceps, you can add 3 inches to your arms in 30 days.


You should always massage the injection area to be sure that bulging agglomerations are not formed. The muscle should always be soft to the touch. It is also a good idea to have an injection before going to the gym to get a lot of blood flowing into the muscles. This will minimize the risk of bump formation. Massage is also important to prevent scar tissue formation. To minimize this risk, it is recommended to use very small needles and insert them very slowly. If a bump accidentally forms, wait for it to disappear (usually 2 days) and then resume injections.

If instead you want to improve the shape, for example, peak biceps, inject 1 ml daily (or every other day) until you get the desired result. In the beginning it is always helpful to be careful to see how much substance you can tolerate (the number and frequency of injections).
Now let’s see how to inject into the muscles:

  • Biceps – the inner and outer belly. In practice, it is necessary to treat the biceps heads as two separate muscles and inject them into each of them.
  • TRICIPITI – there is no need to accurately enter “horseshoe”. Insert into the middle and back head of the triceps.
  • DELTOIDI – paste directly into the undersized part.
  • POLPACCI – inject multiple injections outside the muscle.
  • QUADRICIPITI – with such large muscles, it is necessary to inject more often. Seven injection sites must be identified and 1 ml injected per site. This is done to avoid clumping and give the muscles a uniform appearance. If the “drops” (vastus medialis) are small, inject directly into it, rotating the injection. Personally, I do not recommend using Synthol on the quadriceps muscle because they are very innervated muscles.

What’s going on with oil? First of all, the oil is removed after a few months. During this time, however, the oil “gutted” the muscle strip. The fascia is the main factor that inhibits muscle growth. When the oil leaves its place, this void is replaced by new muscle tissue.
This is proven with X-rays: there is no sign of oil, in the end Synthol promotes real muscle growth. The same principle applies to steroids only because Synthol lasts much longer.

Obviously, you will feel a little pain with every injection. However, Sustanon hurts more. The pain becomes insignificant out of habit.

Oil injection is safe when certain precautions are taken. A suction check should always be performed to prevent oil from entering the vein. Always massage after injection to make sure there are no marks.

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